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Embodied Leadership

Everyone is motivated by it, but nobody is talking about.

Gender inequality & bias is one of the biggest hurdles facing both men & women in workplace & in Entrepreneurship; and yet we refuse to talk about sex! Did you know, it’s the number one barrier to entry for women seeking leadership positions; it’s the driving force behind high performance & achievement & it’s the biggest risk to an organisations bottom line? I am Anthea Balfour, and I use the art of Erotic Intelligence & the science of Organisational Psychology & human Social Behaviour to cultivate compelling leaders & strategic directives that directly impacts your ability to innovate, perform & prosper in your business.


Shouldn’t you be turned on by what you do?

What if I told you that you can unsubscribe from the hustle & grind culture that insists that your constant doing, list making & controlling every meticulous detail will guarantee your success? I will show you how to stop holding it all together by consciously connecting to your erotic intelligence & in doing so, your success is inevitable. I’d love nothing more than to connect with you, human to human, woman to woman. Let’s talk!

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Wholistic Business & personal mentoring that prepares you for leading in a changing world

Did you know, that as a woman, the subtle yet persistent social and organisational

gender biases undermines the learning & experience required for you to become a leader?

Take the leap, leaders go First to pave the way for the future

Did you know that only 15% of women have executive mentoring support compared to 85% Men?


If you want to go fast, go alone,

if you want to go far,

let’s go together



IS the Competitive

advantage you

didn’t know you needed

WILD AWAKE Business Mystery School

Sex, Science & Spirit of Business Leadership & Strategy

Wild Awake Business Mystery School is an absolute must for every woman on the journey of Entrepreneurship & leadership. The 6 Month Comprehensive Business mentorship integrates leadership development with practical & tangible business training & education – delivered both online & in person; including group & 1:1 teaching sessions.

Do you want to save yourself time, money & energy when it comes to learning the ropes of business management & operations as well as having hands on support that will help bring your business vision to life?

Wild Awake is a game changer in Female Business Leadership Training, Anthea has taken her almost 2 decades of business management & therapeutic practice & has condensed her knowledge into fun, digestible & easy to follow teachings that will greatly up-level the way you do life & business.

Wild Awake is split into 3 phases over 6 months, exploring what Anthea believes to be the 4 primordial domains of business.

Following your graduation you will leave with:

Confidence In your ability to start & lead in your business

A Clear business Plan

Business Management Tools & Resources

A clear understanding of Business operations

a clear vision of the leader you want to be

Support & guidance to take practical steps to growing your business

Private community of powerhouse women to continue to learn share & grow with.

Networking opportunities to grow your business.



Therapeutic Mentoring

Awaken to your Orgasmic Potential, through professional Embodiment & emotional intelligence Mentorship.

For the woman who has big dreams, yet you can’t seem to get out of your own way to make it happen, or you’re the one that has it all, but feel the palpable disconnect between who you think you are & what you actually feel. Are you finding yourself stuck in a karmic loop of dissatisfaction, disappointment & despair?

Guess what, woman, Your unravelling begins here.

The Awakened Women Private Mentoring is a deep dive into the female psyche, archetypal psychology, & Embodiment. Designed to draw out & allow you to see, feel & heal old ways of being, that continue to hold you back, shame you, guilt trip you or leave feeling unfulfilled.

The fact of the matter is, most highly successful & ambitious women are contending with so much more both physically & emotionally than their male counterparts. The toll it can take on a woman’s mental health affects every aspect of her life & the evidence is there to prove it.

Did you know, the “Gender Burnout Gap’ increased during the pandemic, affirming the reality, that the added pressure of working from home & managing children & or family commitments, added to a woman’s already packed workload?

Imagine yourself having it all, doing it all & being it all, without sacrificing your personal wants & needs? Imagine living the life you want, without sacrificing yourself?

You really don’t have to Imagine it, The Awakened Woman program is specifically for high performing, high functioning, highly ambitious women, that are tired of holding it all together, tired of pretending & ready awaken to a fully felt, expressed & authentic way of living, loving & leading!



5 Day Leadership Immersion

The ultimate playground for conscious leaders.

Wholehearted is a 5 Day Immersion that brings together groundbreaking lived knowledge & peer reviewed research in human social, sexual and intellectual behaviour with expert facilitators for a profound journey into your humanity to discover & explore your leadership potential.

This 5 day immersive protocol draws upon ancient Afro-indigenous wisdom & Eastern Ayurvedic philosophy intersected with  contemporary western scientific principles regarding Somatic Trauma Release Therapy, sustainable mindset & behavioural change & conscious business leadership practices.

Wholehearted is delivered on a mixed-modality itinerary; that interweaves the mystical realms with the material world, for education, inspiration and transformation.

Journeying deep into all the facets of our physical and psychological experience, this intensive protocol enables the dismantling of all which you are not, to emerge, all that you are.



Online Private Community

A place. to play, and confidently begin your mastery.

Wild Society is your virtual library, resource centre and meeting place where you can learn all about leadership, business, emotional intelligence and mindset from experts in the fields of behavioural psychology & neuroscience, vibrational & information medicine and business growth & strategy. 

Wild Society brings you innovative & progressive education – You’re getting access to specialist facilitators, coaches & consultants who are both world class and cutting edge in their respective zones of genius; ready to show you the hacks, tips and tricks to being wildly successful, abundant and fulfilled in your life. Members have access to Ancient wisdom & Contemporary Science that will enable the integrated expansion of both your professional and spiritual growth. 


Client Case Studies

Feel Flossy

Annie & Caroline are founders of The International Retail Sexual Wellness Brand, Feel Flossy. They have worked with Anthea & the Matryarch team to establish their brand vision, refine their message & strategically position themselves within their market place. Flossy has gone on to launch sold out in-person events, increased their revenue & are currently in the process of scaling through development of in-home parties with Anthea’s continued support.

Kayisi Hair Salon

Podia Ayisi, the owner of the Kayisi African Hair Boutique, is a proud family owned business, serving the north Brisbane Region. Anthea & the Matryarch team have supported Kayisi through strategic direction, operational management as well as Marketing & brand development. Since Anthea’s consultation, Podia has opened a high street Salon, with retail, Social Media engagement & conversion rate has increased by 32% & 12% respectively. & The team is on track to celebrate their first 6 figure year !

Ubuntu Homestead

Michael & Kagi Kowa, Owners of the Stunning Ubuntu Homestead, tucked away in the The Sunshine Coast Hinterland brought on Anthea’s support individually through Mentorship. Since working with Anthea what was originally the Vision of Ubuntu, Kagi & Michael have been able to realise their dream of living on the land, and creating a business that could support it. They have since opened their beautiful homestead where their visitors can learn about organic permaculture, natural healing Modalities & immerse themselves in Traditional African practices.

Get access to world class Business & human Intelligence

Anthea & the Matryarch team utilises Innovative wholistic tools & resources that enables us to take an unconventional approach to business strategy & leadership development in a way that will help you & your people connect to your innate wisdom & intuition, up-level your skill-set and enhance your performance. Through a fun, engaging & impactful combination of consulting, coaching $ mentoring we are proud to say, we’re creating authentically embodied leaders, yielding massive results & affecitng massive change, with loving power, passion & purpose.

Business Strategy with Intention

Got your vision but don’t know where to take it or how to get here? Let’s create a clearly defined business blueprint, that maps out exactly how you are going to create a lucrative and personally fulfilling business that will work for you, and leave a legacy. Whether you are in start.-up phase or looking to scale or pivot, Anthea & The Matryarch Team can support you in designing a strategic directive, that aligns with your personal and professional goals & values, that is both agile & lucrative at its core. We can teach you the fundamentals of conscious business. practice, with a strategy that sets you up to succeed, all the way through to supporting you in bringing a vision to life, developing further products or services, are re-strategising to scale.

Personal Branding with Authenticity

How will it feel to exude an embodied expression of who you really are & can confidently see the impact & influence you have on others? How do you want to show up in the world & what makes you, you? These are the questions we explore to build a clear picture of the Leader you are & how you will position yourself for professional & personal success. When you work with Anthea on creating your personal brand, you are embarking on a journey of Authentic self discovery, uncovering the potent, you. Exploring Self Image, Credibility, Authority and Positioning, your brand will have a clear voice, message & aligned & purposeful aesthetic, that is you, where ever you are.

Leadership Training with Heart

Are you tired of not going after what you want, because you don’t think you have what it takes? Do you find yourself comparing, or wishing you had the confidence to say what you want & back what you believe with conviction? Leadership is a subtle art, which skills can be learned, and entirely attuned to you, when you know how to tap into it. Embodied Leadership, is a self mastery journey that excavates every facet of your Mental & Somatic capacity, & refining what you find. Effectively understood & applied, as an embodied leader you will be a naturally compelling communicator, you will have the very coveted executive presence, that everyone talks about, but what really is it? And you will be a magnet for aligned opportunities and experiences elevates you, your business and the communities you serve.

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stories from Bad Ass Women in business, doing Good .

Who is She?

Anthea is an ontological practitioner that explores the human Soul & lived experience & how it relates to individual & organisational performance, engagement & success; and she is on a mission to level the playing field so no woman gets left behind, through teaching & integrating the applied art of erotic intelligence in business leadership. With almost 2 decades of experience in business development & therapeutic practice, she has come to understand that the often accepted yet unspoken parts of business that exploits & disempowers is the very hidden depths of the private & shadowed human experience. Anthea embodies her life’s work through her unconventional approach to business strategy, executive mentoring & training; dismantling archaic systems of business from the inside out; in turn, championing 7 figure business owners, industry leaders & celebrities, to reawaken their vision & purpose for their business & their life. Through her uniquely curated & delivered Primordial Business Leadership protocols, she has enabled growth & scale in both revenue & team culture as well as personal satisfaction & fulfilment in individuals & organisations alike. 

Her body of work focuses on integrating the external mechanism of human life & business with the eternal flow & flux of our inner worlds. As a trainer & mentor she facilitates the bridging of the spiritual & material – simultaneously offering her clients the opportunity to explore & inhibit their own personal definition of peak performance & high achievement. Anthea believes that to future proof business we must pierce conformity & outdated oppressive business practices so that new economies can emerge. Her clients are pioneering Embodied Leadership through the awakening of their own Soul, thus awakening the Soul of their business, & greatly impacting the lives they lead, & creating an entirely new sustainable, regenerative & restorative Bio-Energetic economic paradigm. 

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